Just Teenage Dreamers.
On my bucket list ♡

It hurts, love.

I hear that song…
The song that was once ours.
Thinking I will never be whole.

because there is a hole in my chest,
it’s my fault because…

He doesn’t love me. He did… now he doesn’t… but he did… and he never will again.


Why the hell am I going through my Instagram and I look so god damn happy?
I’m not. That’s a fucking lie.
Why the hell can i be like my pictures.
Simple. Happy. Smiling. Forever young.




P assion
A nd
S trength:
S tored
I n
O nes
N othingness

Because passion and strength are the only things left when you have nothing.

Yes… sometimes.
Breakfast club ♡

Life is to be lived.
Not survived.
Don’t regret, don’t cry, don’t hate… just live.
Don’t cut, don’t drink, don’t hurt yourself because you are beautiful as is every breathe you take, every laugh that you chime and every tear you shed.


Josealyn Pontius

Wanting to kiss you♥